Antigravity Yoga

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Antigravity yoga is easily my favorite type of yoga. For anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of it before, it may look daunting and a little strange but trust me when I say, it’s incredible.

It allows you to gain all the benefits of traditional yoga but with zero compression on your spine and joints. Being perfectly suited to older, stiffer bodies or for anyone recovering from an injury. It is extremely rejuvenating, challenging, relaxing and fun and there is forever a new pose or variation to try.

Here are a couple of the poses I did this morning in my Choclo gear. The Choclo product is so suitable and perfect for the antigravity yoga as there are no zips to catch and the fabrics work beautifully against the hammock. It keeps everything in securely and the colors look incredible against the white hammock.

Haven’t heard of The Choclo Project? They are one of my incredible sponsors and a brand of which I’m EXTREMELY proud to be aligned with. They produce ethical clothing for balanced living. Their fabrics are incredible and so comfortable you won’t want to get out of them. The best part about the Choclo Project is that the purchase of any Choclo product results in 5% of sales going directly to the children in the various centres they support. This concept not only gives the children a feeling of freedom as they tap into their imagination, but it will give the kids ideas of a positive way to make a living and change their lives. Please follow the link to find their amazing story and product

If you know of an antigravity class near by you I completely encourage you to give it a go and give it a few tries as the more classes you do, the more familiar and comfortable you become in the hammock and the more enjoyment you will get out of the class. Image




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One of my favorite parts of traveling so often is that you’re constantly coming across new things. New surroundings, new people, new information, new surf breaks, new scenery. I picked up a yoga magazine in Portugal and had a read to come across this little article that I quite liked, so I thought I’d share with you about my new found information on YAMAS + NIYAMAS. I think there is something written below that every one of us could work on or have a think about 🙂


Ahimsa- Non-violence, compassion or kindness towards all living things (including yourself). ‘Do no harm’. Extends beyond physical violence to non-violence in thought, work and deed.

Satya Involves a commitment to the truth. At its heart is the intention to speak the truth in order to cultivate healthy relationships based on honest communication. Also refers to integrity and being true to yourself.

Asteya- Not stealing or taking that which has not been given freely. Not taking more than you need. Focus on feeling content with what you have. Enjoy a feeling of abundance.

Brahmacharya- Moderation and an aspiration to bring the sense under control in order to protect your vital energy. Moderate in activities that reduce the energy you have to focus on inner development.

Aparigraha- An absence of greed, not grasping or holding on.


Saucha- Inner and outer cleanliness. Keeping both the physical body clean and maintaining a clean mind through purity of thought and speech.

Santosha-Ability to cultivate contentment in the present moment and to let go of the need to find satisfaction in external things.

Tapas-The fire in your belly that motivates you, gives you enthusiasm and fuels discipline.

Svadhyaya-Self study. Inner reflection in order to understand yourself fully, including your strengths and weaknesses. It can also mean the study of texts that help develop awareness and encourage spiritual development.

Ishvarapranidhana-Dedication and surrender of the fruits of your efforts to something outside of yourself.